Every year Red Party raises awareness for one week about HIV/AIDS in conjunction with the Western Australian AIDS Council. Past activities have involved events such as campus-wide promotions, bake sales and  city-wide promotions. Recently, Perth City has participated by changing the lighting in major landmarks to red in support of Red Aware Week (see our social media channels for 2019 partners!). Red Aware Week is an important part of our mission to promote awareness of HIV/AIDS in the Australian community. By doing so we hope to combat the discrimination people with HIV/AIDs still face in their everyday lives.


M Clinic

M clinic is Perth’s only sexual health clinic that caters exclusively to men who have sex with men (MSM). It provides free, confidential, non-judgemental HIV/STI testing and vaccinations in a casual and relaxed environment. Sexual health educators are also available to see clients for informal sessions to discuss STI’s, HIV and sexual practices.


Sexual Health Quarters

Sexual Health Quarters (SHQ) is a clinic in Northbridge that have clinicians with a high level of expertise and skill in sexual health. They offer appointments for contraception, counselling and a STI drop-in clinic for STI testing and treatment.



Magenta offers support, health services, education and information to female, male and transgender workers in the sex industry. They provide outreach and in-house services to offer advice on working safely, help make clinic appointments, provide safe sex supplies and any other support needed.


WA Aids Council

The WA Aids Council is a non-government organisation committed to the HIV response in Western Australia. The Council leads the Western Australian community in the provision of a wide range of services in the prevention of HIV, sexually transmitted infections and blood borne viruses, and the treatment and care of people living with HIV and AIDS. They provide counselling, wellness, referral, general and financial assistance to people living with HIV and AIDS.



Dr YES (Youth Education Sessions) is a program run by the Australian Medical Association (WA) where medical students deliver harm minimisation sessions to high school students in metropolitan and rural schools. Any medical student can become a Youth Friendly Doctor by participating in training. All information can be found on the website.



Anyone can volunteer at the WA Aids Council by generously donating their time and skills to fulfil roles such as administration support, community outreach and event assistance. All information on the current volunteering opportunities can be found on the WAAC website.


Guild Volunteering

Guild volunteering connects UWA students to meaningful volunteering opportunities both on campus and in the wider community. Whatever you are passionate about, guild volunteering can connect you with change-making organisations. Current opportunities can be found on the website or by going into the guild centre at UWA.