Myths and misconceptions (M clinic)

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Welcome to our new blog page. Our first post are on 4 myths about HIV. Don’t forget to check out our event page for the Red Aware Quiz Night event launch.

MYTH – HIV is a death sentence

When treated by modern anti-retroviral medication, HIV has become a chronic illness with life expectancy nearly the same as those without the disease. That’s why it is so important that people get tested, with treatment helping to prevent many complications of HIV and also reducing the chance of transmitting to others.


MYTH – HIV only affects gay people

While in Australia the majority of those living with HIV are men who have sex with men (MSM), globally this is not the case. Of the 37 million people living with HIV, approximately 47% of them are women.


MYTH – You can tell if someone has HIV

HIV infection is commonly asymptomatic early on following infection and many people will continue to be asymptomatic until many years after they were infected.


MYTH – If I have sex with someone with HIV they are guaranteed to get it

Depending on the circumstances, the risk of HIV transmission on any given sex act varies from approximately 1 in 114 to nearly zero risk.